Temen village of Coffee plantation

The village of the best producer of Bali Coffee and the village is also a producer of Luwak Coffee, firstly the Civet in this village were hunted by residents to make satay because they were considered pests, and after they learned from laboratory tests that the coffee from civet dropping was the best coffee and beneficial to the health of the body, the civet is preserved in Bali now. The benefits of civet coffe are; improve stamina, lower cholesterol, improved sexually, ect. Civet coffee is sold a little expensive, in Bali IDR 65,000 per cup is sold and per kilogram around IDR 1,000,000. In addition to civet coffee in the village, it is also produced in traditional ways such as; coffee ginseng, Bali coffee, coconut coffee, ect. The process of coffee in this village is still very traditional and guaranteed 100% without preservatives or other chemicals. We also enter the map of some of our tour schedules  to look directly at this coffee garden and see the process, and introduce to you, in addition to seeing this beautiful coffee garden, you can also try all their home-made coffee for free. If you want to try Luwak coffee will charged a fee of IDR 65.000 /cup.

bali coffee plantation


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