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Ubud Village With Kintamani Volcano Tour And Spa – Bali One Day Tour

An incredible whole day trip are designed for your holiday in Bali. It’s start by watching Barong and Kris Dance at BATUBULAN village. The trip continue to TOHPATI village : center of Balinese hand weaving. CELUK village : gold and silver smith. BATUAN village : Home of painter and their house compund and TRINITY temple with amazing carving and architecture. MAS village : center of wooden sculpture.

Visit Elephant Cave Temple is one of the archeological remnant in Bali. Walking amongst field of local fruits, coffee, cocoa, vanilla and clove plantation at TEMEN village. Drive up hill to KINTAMANI, having your lunch while enjoy a great view of mount Batur and it’s Lake. Passing TEGALLALANG village to see exotic rice terrace.

Explore your time in UBUD as Ubud Market and Royal Palace. Trip will be ending with International Standart SPA with their professional therapist, and SPA consist of Full Body Massage, Aromatic Foot Wash, Body Wash, Body Polish Scrub, Body Lotion, and Aromatic Flowers Bath.

Ubud Village With Kintamani Volcano Tour


The endless metaphysical battle between good and evil is symbolically re-enacted time and time again by two weird characters , Barong and Rangda , who by their very performances , reinforce the magic power of the village and restore the balance between good and evil.

tohpati village


The types of batik woven crafts and traditional writing in Tohpati village produce a variety of motifs, shapes and materials. Prices start at tens of thousands to millions of rupiah. Being a mandatory place to visit while on a tour in Bali, as a tourist shopping area provides a selection of souvenir items typical of Bali, available from women’s batik shirts, men’s shirts, nightgowns, fans, paintings, various bags, wallets and various other knick-knacks with batik motifs. The price offered is in accordance with quality, all high quality. Suitable for your own needs, gifts or special gifts for relatives, friends and other loved ones at home.

Celuk Village


Our daily bali tour package will visit Celuk village. The silver and goldsmiths of Celuk, long famed for thier delicate work, are in the midst of a great bustle of production, as orders for export of contemporary jewellery have more than quadrupled in the past few years. The skills of the Celuk artisans are such that they can move effortlessy from their traditional art of highly decorative filigree ornamentation to the streamlined geometrical shapes of today, creating contemporary pieces that are populer the world over. The cottage industry has spread troughh the entire village, far beyond the rows of ornate artshop buildings that front the main road, to the family compounds, where children work beside their elders, learning the skills of the art from a very young age.

goa gajah


Our bali tour package offer and will visit one of famous temple in Bali called Elephant Cave Temple. About a mile due east from southern Peliatan, the road crosses a stone bridge over the long-accursed Petanu River and reaches the vast bus-park and gauntlet of souvenir stalls which must be negotiated before climbing down to the great head hewn from living rock Goa Gajah.

No one is sure what the figure represents, but the monstrous face, whose fanged mouth is the entrance to a man-made cave, appears to represent an earth spirit clawing its way out of the cosmical array of animals and phantoms. According to 14th-century Javanese scribes, this was one of Bali’s principal Buddhist santuaries. Yet in the dark tunnels of it’s cave we find Hindu linggas and a statue of Siwa’s son Ganesha, the elephant God of Hinduism. At every turn one is confronted with elements of both religions, ranging from the 8th to 14th centuries, suggesting that Bali’s religiuos syncretism goes back a very long way.

To the left of the cave is small shrine housing a 1000-year-old statue of the Buddhist goddess Hariti, protector of children, surrounded by a brood of her young charges. Hariti had been a notorious baby-eating ogress until Buddhism changed her wicked ways. At the bottom of the ravine some unusual broken fragments of collapsed cliff have been found with very old and rare relief carvings of delicate stupas in the style of 8th-century Java. Farther on are two small Buddhas in the lotus position, also tentatively dated to the time of the great Javanese monument, Borobodur. Beyond the Buddhas lies the entrance to what may have been a hermit’s cave. So far, it has been excavated to a depth of only 30 feet; whatever lies beyond that remains a mystery.

bali coffee plantation


Interesting crops grown in this area include coffee , vanilla , cloves , and cacao. Once you know them, you will see clove trees everywhere at the side of the high land roads. There are several coffee plantation on way to kintamani.

puri saren ubud


One of the most respected dance groups in Bali perform several nights a week in the outer courtyard of the principal palace, at the northeast corner of the central crossroad. Their backdrop is a grand gate, kori agung, built bu Ubud’s most famous artists, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad. It separates the outer courtyard from the inner sanctum of the palace where the current ruling Cokorda lives. The Puri Saren was demolished by the great eartquake of 1917, so the maze of courtyards, pavilion, and elaborate gates extending far behind the Kori Agung were mostly built soon thereafter.

Merajan Agung. The towering gate above a steep flight of steps immediately north of main palace is one of the finest of its kind, with a striking pyramid of Boma faces rising above its door. This is the main entrance to the Merajan Agung, the private palace temple of the Royal Family within which are housed the palace’s most revered heirlooms. This palace is included on our bali cheapest tour package.



This luxurious treatment will begin with a traditional massage which flows into exfoliation scrub using yellow coloured spices and herbs followed by yogurt rub down. A smoothing soak in scented flower bath and a “Jamu Elixir” are provide to complate this

This luxurious treatment will begin with a traditional massage which flows into exfoliation scrub using yellow coloured spices and herbs followed by yogurt rub down. A smoothing soak in scented flower bath and a “Jamu Elixir” are provide to complate this

Departure :

  • Morning : 08.30 am
  • Duration : 13 Hours

Price included :

  • 21% goverment tax and service charge,
  • entrance fee at all tourist destinations,
  • Meal ( Lunch and Dinner ),
  • english speaking driver or tour guide,
  • private full AC car
  • spa treatment
  • minimum 2 person.

What to Bring

  • Modest cloth,
  • hat,
  • camera,
  • money, and
  • sunglasses.

Trip Schedule :

  • Operated every day.