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Bali Nature Journey

Bali is known as the island of a thousand temples and unique culture. On this tour we offer special Cheap Bali Tour Package to visit some temple are very famous and fantastic, and see the Balinese culture.


1. Barong and Kris Dance

Firstly visit Batubulan Village enjoy an exiting Barong and Kris Dance.

Batubulan others great claim to fame is trance – every morning at 9.30 sharp. Here you can witness the eternal conflict between Ratu Barong, the faithful guardian of community, who looks like an overdressed cross between a lion and a Pekinese dog, and the pendulous-breasted Rangda, denomic mistress of the graveyard. At the height of the drama, Barong’s entranced acolytes turn their serpentine-bladed krises upon themselves, ussully with no ill effect.

bali half day tour ubud village

Even the Balinese, who find a trance state easy to slip into, draw the line at trancing every day, so they have invented more mundane tricks to avoid being wounded by their sharp blades. The Barong dance, as the perfomance has recently been renamed for accuracy, is nonetheless an impressive spectacle, and it is not unusual for one or teo of the players to unexpectedly drop into a gunuine trance. Three very professional groups perform the Barong Dance each morning. Barong and kris dance is included in the bali nature holiday package that we offered to you.

2. Puseh Temple at Batuan Village as one of the old TRINITY Temple.

Our bali nature holiday package will visit this temple because there is a healthy population here of every religious sect and caste, each requiring its own complete set of temples, Batuan boasts more iteresting temples than many far larger villages. Probably the most impressive among these is the Pura Puseh Batuan ( the Temple of origin, literally the “Navel Temple” ), a short distance down a secondary road heading west from the crossroad, where the main road takes a sharp right-angle turn to the north.

Directly opposite a large meeting hall, the temple is difficult to miss as a pair of six-foot stone raksasa ( guardian giants ), standing either side of the road, guard the approach from both directions. Almost all the sculpture on this temple, whether dating from past centuries or made for the 1992 restoration, combine superb technical craftsmanship with imaginative personality. The newly rebuilt gedong rum, a three-tiered rectangular shrine on east side of the inner courtyard, and the meru alit, the shrine next to it, both with traditional murals of the gods beneath their eaves, are fine example of what is still possible in sacred Balinese architecture.

puseh batuan temple

3. Goa Gajah Temple

Goa Gajah Temple Or Elephant Cave Temple, It’s was an ancient monastery of Hindu and Buddhist monks who used to meditate in the cave and was built in the 11th century. Literally means Elephant cave, and it is a “ T “ shaped cave.  It’s face is elaborately carved, depicting a demon head splitting open the rock with its bare hand at the mouth of the cave.

goa gajah

4. Visit Gunung Kawi

These 11th century tomb, carved out of the rock face of the gorge of the Pakerisan River, are approached by a step descent through breat-taking rice terrain scenery. Historically, the tomb probably have some connection with King Anak Wungsu. Across to the gorge are some more impressive tombs that were the resident meditation caves of the holy men who were the keeper of the tomb.

gunung kawi temple

5. Bali Coffee Plantation

Explore the coffee , cocoa , vanilla , and clove plantation at Temen Village and have lunch at Kintamani Village over look the Batur Volcano and Lake.

bali coffee plantation

5. Besakih Mother Temple of Bali

Besakih as the mother temple of bali and the largest temple is over 900 meters up to the slopes of Mount Agung. Bali’s largest and most famous temple, Pura Besakih, is situated high on the slopes of Mount Agung. Established around about 1007 A.D., it has been regarded as the major temple on the island of Bali, focal point of the Hindu religion, since the 15th Century. Each regency of Bali has its own sub-temple within the great Besakih complex, and all Balinese pay homage here. There are 18 separate sanctuaries, all belonging to different affiliations and caste groups.

besakih mothe rtemple of Bali

6. Kertagosa and Taman Gili

Kertagosa and Taman Gili, the royal courts of Justice of Klungkung, are reminder of the power and glory of this former kingdom. These two stately pavilions in their lotus pond gardens at the center of the town of Klungkung, were built in the 18th century, at which time they acted as the island’s highest court of law. Their fantastic ceilling murals in the traditional “wayang” style of painting depict the punishment in hell for wrong-doers, as well as the rewards in heaven for those who are good and honest in their lifetime, depecting a highly evocative view of the Balinese belief in “karmapala” every action bears fruit, be it good or bad.

kertha gosa

Departure :

  • Morning : 08.30 am

Price  included :

  • 21% goverment tax and service charge,
  • entrance fee at all tourist destinations,
  • Meal ( Lunch ),
  • english speaking driver or tour guide,
  • private full AC car, and
  • minimum 2 person.

What to Bring

  • Modest cloth,
  • hat,
  • camera,
  • money, and
  • sunglasses.

Trip Schedule :

  • Operated every day.