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Taman Ayun Temple With Monkey Forest And Tanah Lot Sunset Tour


1. Taman Ayun Temple

Visit Taman Ayun Temple as the family temple of the Mengwi dynasty, whose kingdom survived until the late 1800s and famous for its exquisite wooden merus, or pagoda.

The most splendid remainder from Mengwi’s former glory is indisputably the Pura Taman Ayun, about 2 miles east of Alas Kedaton. This is probably the largest exiting Balinese House Temple. Built in the middle of the 18th century by Mengwi’s greatest king, Cokorda Munggu. He moved the center of the kingdom from kapal to the village of Mengwi where he founded new palace, Puri Gede Mengwi, not far from Pura Taman Ayun. The temple is surrounded by wide moat.

taman ayun temple

There is a grand jaba pura ( outer courtyard ) with a fine wantilan pavilion in the southeast; the lines in the floor mark out the rings and perimeters for cockfights. A split gate leads into the broad central courtyard from which you can admire the magnificent get to the inner courtyard (jeroan). The low walls of the jeroan are shaded by flowering trees that go down to the banks of the moat. Entery to the jeroan is not permitted, but can look over the walls at its fine old pavilions and the meru honoring the deities of the mountains Batu Karu Agung , Batur , and Pengelengan.

2. Visit Alas Kedaton Forest

Then continue to Alas Kedaton Forest; its towering nutmeg trees are unique to this area and are sacred Balinese people and undobtedly also home to Bali’s cheekiest inhabitants, the monkeys.

From Margarana, it is a short drive to the village of Kukuh and the monkey forest Alas Kedaton and an unusual temple within it. Turn right on leaving Margarana and follow the road for about 2 miles south through the village. The monkey forest has become a tourist site of the worst sort.

alas kedaton

The positive side is that there are lots of fruits bats that have found refuge in the trees. The temple and forest are bouncing with tame monkeys, not yet too mischievous, and there are pleasant guides to accompany visitors around the site.

3. Visit Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot temple; a magnificent temple perched gingerly on a huge rock resting just off the shore, this is a photographer’s favorite.

According to legend, the temple Pura Pakendungan, better known now as Pura Tanah Lot, was founded by the 16th-century priest Danghyang Nirartha out of sheer adoration for the natural beauty of the landcape here. It’s not hard to understand why; the power of the and the abrupt drama of the coastline here are awe inspiring. The little temple sits a top an outcrop of rock in the surf, guarded by sea snakes. Besides Pura Tanah Lot there are several other temples nearby arrayed along the coast:

tanah lot temple

Pura Enjung Galuh, Pura Batu Bolong, Pura Enjung Mejaan, and Pura Beji, all of them presently in a state of disrepair, certainly due to the violence of the sea and wind which erodes the coastline constantly. The most picturesque of these is Pura Batu Bolong ( meaning “the temple on the rock with a hole in it” ): a wall of rock juts arch is carved out by the sea.

Departure :

  • Afternoon : 02.30 pm
  • Duration : 7 Hours

Price included :

  • 21% goverment tax and service charge,
  • entrance fee at all tourist destinations,
  • Meal ( Dinner ),
  • english speaking driver or tour guide,
  • private full AC car
  • spa treatment
  • minimum 2 person.

What to Bring

  • Modest cloth,
  • hat,
  • camera,
  • money, and
  • sunglasses.

Trip Schedule :

  • Operated every day.