Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida is famous for the dread it has traditionally aroused in the hearts of the Balinese as the home of the fanged demon Jero Gede Mecaling. Once a place of exile, the island is surrounded by swift currents and has steep limestone cliffs, which make it unapproachable except from the north. It is still so isolated that there are traces of Old Balinese found in the languange spoken there. Nusa Penida is very dry, like Bukit Badung; but there are surprisingly lush hills in the south, and its cold, clear water are unusually rich in plankton. Our bali nature holiday tour package offer a 2 day tour to the western part of Nusa Penida and eastern Nusa Penida. Eastern Nusa Penida island tour include cave temple, diamond beach, atuh beach and three house. Western Nusa Penida island tour include broken beach, angel billabong beach, kelingking beach and crystal bay.

East and west part of the island is one of the tour package of explore the paradise island of Nusa Penida.


Karangsari Cave

This huge cave near Nusa Penida’s east coast has a temple at its tiny entrance. On Kuningan night, a magically charged date in the Balinese calender, people from all over come with offerings to an underground lake in the cave. The cave is said to be a tunnel about half a mile long.



This small inland village has a few amenities, but the Pura Dalem is worth a visit. The massive kori agung gate is unlike anything else in Bali. Several flights of stairs lead to an impressive arched gateway into the inner courtyard. On either side of the stairway are finely carved friezes celebarting crabs, molluscs, and other sea animals. Diamond beach is one of the tour package of explore the paradise island of Nusa Penida.


Toyapakeh is a ferry and market town, where boats arrive from Kusamba. It is also the crossing point to Nusa Lembongan. The short boat trip passes through the shallow, mangrove-lined channel between Ceningan and Lembongan. The water is so clear that you can see coral clearly as if through glass. Here, at the extreme limit of Asia, you can look east from the cliffs of Nusa Penida, beyond the jagged white caps of the savage Lombok Strait, toward the volcanos of Lombok and the chain of mysterious and little visited islands of Nusa Tenggara Timur.


Crystal Bay

Big coral bommies and large table corals line the bay. Going towards the slope you will pass over healthy patches of stag horn coral and huge table corals. Check under the rocky overhangs for shrimps and nudibranches. In the right season this probably the best to see mola molas. Also seen are frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, sand garden eels and cuttlefish. Crystal Bay is a good training site, with a nice beach are.y. Another site where the mola mola can be sighted. Crystal bay beach is one of the tour package of explore the paradise island of Nusa Penida.


Angel Billabong beach

Angel’s Billabong is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which has recently gained attention from tourists.  Both domestic and foreign tourists are increasingly curious about natural ponds that say the water is graded and the scenery is directly aimed at the sea, which can usually only be enjoyed in hotels and resorts that are starry and expensive in Bali.  Angel’s Billabong is located on Nusa Penida Island which stores a variety of alternative tourist attractions for those of you who want to escape for a moment from the full island of Bali. Angel Billabong is one of the tour package of explore the paradise island of Nusa Penida.


Broken Beach

Broken Beach locally has the name Pasih Uug or a broken beach, also called the Pantai Batu Bolong.  Its unique name is obtained because indeed this beach has a unique main attraction.  In the middle of the sea there is a cliff that is quite high with its middle hole curved.  Where the cliff forms a natural cliff bridge at the top.  Because of these cliffs that are hollow and look damaged, the name of this beach is called Pasih Uug or Broken Beach. Broken beach is one of the tour package of explore the paradise island of Nusa Penida.


Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach can be your tourist destination that must be visited when you spend vacation time on Nusa Penida Island which has a unique and different natural charm compared to the mainstream beaches on the island of Bali.  For those who like to hunt for exciting experiences and sights, they will certainly be satisfied with Kelingking Beach because of the uniqueness of the shape of the hill that looks like a little finger, but when viewed from another angle it will look like the shape of a dinosaur’s head and neck.  Kelingking Beach also has exciting activities such as diving to take a peek at manta fish or large size rays. Kelingking Beach  is one of the tour package of explore the paradise island of Nusa Penida.

The main point of Kelingking Beach is a rock cliff that juts into the middle of the sea with a shape that resembles the little finger and fist.  However, this form is more popularly considered the shape of the head and neck of a dinosaur that is opening its mouth.  The tall green cliffs that jut into the sea are a rare sight and look magnificent with deep blue waters surrounding it.  The main photo spot on this beach is on a hill so visitors can see the shape of the little finger or the dinosaur’s head in full and clear. Another activity that can be done at Kelingking Beach is a popular dive with the name Secret Point or Manta Point where divers usually expect to be able to meet manta fish, large size stingrays which usually can only be seen at certain times.  For those who do not like diving, enjoying the beach with soft white sand can also be an option to spend time.

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