Goa Lawah Temple

The road past Klungkung runs parallel to pounded by turbulent swirling water. Just 6 kilometers east of the town is the temple and cave of Goa Lawah, “the bat cave”, where shrines cluster around the entrance to a cave which is said to extend all the way under-ground to a small temple, Pura Goa, in the Besakih Complex, right on the slopes of Mount Agung. This cave us said to be the dwelling of the mythological naga serpent, Basuki, who is honoured by a small shrine within the temple. Around the mouth of the cave cluster thousand of bats, their high-pitched squeaks filling the air, tiny quivering bodies packed together in an undulating mass. Ad with many strange natural phenomena, this cave and its temple are considered very holy by all Balinese, and groups of devotees come with offerings to complete their post-creamation “Segara Gunung” ceremonies for the souls of their deceased.

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