Batubulan Village

This village is the first on the route from Denpasar, and its name “moon stone” is indicative of the predominant craft in the village, that of the stone carving. The art of Batubulan can be seen all over the island in  temples, shrines, at bridges, houses, and even in hotels, in soft stone sculpture and carvings, images of gods and demons, warrior-guards and even animals. The main road through the Batubulan village itself is lined with workshops, and stone creatures of all sizes and shapes peep from the sidelines. The famous Barong and Kris Dance is also performed here, there are several different group perfoming daily, each at a different temple pavilion or banjar, from at 09.30 to 10.30 am. One of the balinatureholiday package will visit Batubulan village.


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