Bali Nature holiday was established in 2005 by Mr. Mayong and inaugurated by the goverment in 2005. Its establishment is based on the perception, vision and mission, namely to involve, maintain and maximize the existence of all tourist components, proponents, and tourist customers. The universal concept that has become the Company’s main concern is increasing the flow of tourist customers and develop tourist destinations. In order to achieve this ideal purpose there should be uniformity and harmony in the minds, the statements, and actions of all the parties involved. For nearly 37 years since its establishment Bali Nature has developed from an only land tour provider to a group of companies with a wide range of tourist business activities.

Bali Nature Holiday is a private and an independent organization which is characteristically social business. It means all the activities that it organizers are social, but the impacts are business. The main objectives of the company include sales, promotion, and marketing with such activities as creating market, promoting and selling all kinds of tourism products.  Additionally, it also serves as a mediator which mediates between sellers and buyers to meet in a familiar situation based on mutual interests and benefits as well as solid cooperation.

Bali Nature Holiday is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality of products and services. A wide array of products are available. The products are divided into some categories such as Bali Daily Tour, Bali Fun & Adventure + Combinations Tour, Bali Top 10 Combinations Tour, Bali Cheapest Water Sport Packages, Bali Trekking Tour, Bali Paradise Over Night Packages, Bali Cheap Tour Packages, Bali Honeymoon Packages, Nusa Penida Tour Packages and Bali Transport Service